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Framing Range

Whether you know exactly what you want or are searching for ideas, we have an extensive range of framing options to suit a wide variety of tastes and price constraints. We stock over 200 different frame mouldings and 250 different mount colours so our framing options are limitless. We custom make frames to stretch canvases as well as blockmounts and clip frames for posters and prints. We also stock a variety of readymade aluminium and timber frames.

Custom Framing

Our picture framing experience is rich and diverse and we can frame pretty much anything our clients can fit though the door. From original artworks, military medals, needleworks and childrens' drawings to 3D objects such as football jerseys, mirrors, cricket bats, Persian carpets and even swords.  We pride ourselves on being able to creatively frame just about anything, no matter what the value, we treat each and every item with respect and care. We love a challenge and our expert consultants can guide you with the best solution for your item.

Conservation Framing

We can offer a full conservation framing option to our clients.  Sunlight and acids in many materials can discolour and damage artwork over time.  We carry a conservation glass that has a 97% UV filter as well as a full range of 100% acid free mats, attachment materials and backings. 

Canvas Stretching

Canvas artworks come in all shapes and sizes and we can help you find a solution to get your work up and hanging on a wall.  Stretching a canvas takes an expertise and skill that we have spent many years developing.  We take the time and to ensure each and every canvas is stretched perfectly. 


We have a lot of photographs come through our door.  From family portraits and holiday snaps to professional artworks, we pride ourselves on how best to mount and frame each piece so it looks perfect for a lifetime.  We love putting together multi-window family and holiday frames with your photographs and can even arrange photos into family trees with calligraphy.


Stretching and framing needleworks has become one of our specialties over the last 30 years. We appreciate the many hours of work put into creating needlework and pride ourselves on making sure they are stretched and framed perfectly.  We can construct framing options to accommodate three dimensional features or padding and we also still offer a needlework lacing service when required.

Medals and Memorabilia

Framing is a distinctive and unique method to organise and display your treasured possessions and we love working with special items.  We provide custom framing solutions for all achievement and recognition medals and these can also look great when combined with photographs, badges and certificates.  Description plaques or calligraphy can be arranged to complement and enhance these special pieces.   Our framing consultants can help you to create a design that will make your memorabilia look their best for years to come and that can be passed on as a family heirloom.

Sports Jerseys

Framing is a great way to conserve and display a sports jersey.  We can expertly stretch and attach your jersey within a frame to ensure a high quality result. We provide custom framing solutions for jerseys of any size and they can also look great when framed with photographs and awards.  Description plaques or calligraphy can also be arranged to complement and enhance these pieces.  Our framing consultants can help you to create a design that will make your jersey look fantastic for years to come.



We carry a range of readymade timber frames to standard sizes and mat boards can be cut to size on the spot if required.


Repairs and Restoration

Broken glass and damaged picture frames often occur while moving or rearranging your home.  We repair broken glass, replace materials that are causing acidic damage to artwork, repair loose frame corners, correct picture slippage and replace worn wire, hangers and backing on frames.  We provide an obligation free inspection,  expert advice and quote on all repair work.  

Corporate Customers

We very much appreciate the support of local schools and businesses and strive to build long term successful relationships.  We have the ability to produce large runs quickly and cost effectively for our corporate clients.

Our stores offer a range of framed artworks and stretched canvas paintings to suit a wide variety of tastes.  We offer a trial service on artwork purchases with a 24 hour return period.  This allows our customers to opportunity to take the artwork home and look at it with their decor to ensure it is exactly what they are after with the reassurance that they can bring it back if it isn't right. 

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